Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tool #3: Dropbox

I think Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/ will be a very cool tool to use, especially in situations where the kids create videos, presentations, etc.that they need to share with each other.

Tool #3: Video Embed 2

Tool #3: Video Embed 1

Toll #3: Online video resources

I use videos on a regular basis in class, but it often has to be done as whole group instruction. I really like the concept of using the iPads to create video stations.

Blinkx http://www.blinkx.com/ looks like a really cool resource because it puts every streaming site in one search engine.

I am glad to know about http://saveyoutube.com/ and http://snipsnip.it/ because I have had situations where I've found something really cool on youtube that I want to use in the classroom, but it was longer than I needed. I'm glad to have a resource to download the video and edit if needed.

Tool #2: PLN

I like the concept of creating an extended online community. I believe that one of the best ways for teachers to become better teachers is to interact and share ideas with each other. I know that in my career, my best lessons have been born during collaboration. Good lessons can become great lessons with critique and new ideas from other teachers. I have no issue with sharing my ideas online.

I am glad to have finally set up Google Reader. I am looking forward to adding subscriptions to some of my favorite websites. I really like the idea that the information I like on the web comes to me in one place rather than me having to go tons of different websites. It was really easy to set up too. One blog that I subscribed to is the "Social Studies and History Teacher's Blog" at http://multimedialearningllc.wordpress.com/.

Tool #1: Creating a blog & Voki

Creating a blog was very easy. I am glad that I went through the SBISD process because I am planning to add a blogging component to my Civil War unit. The students normally write journals as their Civil War characters and I'd like them to blog as their character instead. I feel like I'll now be able to help the kids with creating their own blogs. Creating my avatar was fun except I ended up spending way too much time making my character say funny things! I think the kids would get kick out creating an avatar.