Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tool #10: Creating Good Digital Citizens

I think teaching our students to be good digital citizens is something that is vitally important. It starts with defining what the term digital citizen means for students. What expectations do they have for themselves and others online? "With great power comes great responsibility"... maybe show them the clip from Spiderman!

One of the struggles for educators and parents is that we are often playing catch-up. The kids are living in a truly digital age that many of us "older folks" are still working to wrap our brains around. Parents and teachers have to be working together to ensure that kids understand the ramifications, both positive and negative, that their actions can have online.

I plan on creating an online mini-lesson on digital citizenship to do with the kids at the beginning of the school year. I'd like to also share the lesson with the parents at back-to-school night so that hopefully they can understand & use the term digital citizen and create similar expectations at home.

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