Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tool #6: Blogger

We are just about to begin our Civil War unit and we are making a change this year to be more 21st century! In this unit, students are put into regiments and given two identities; a Union or Confederate soldier and a family member of that soldier. In the past, they were required to write 12 journal entries throughout the unit, 6 as their soldier and 6 as their "home" identity. This year, each regiment will be creating a blog. Each member of the regiment will be required to blog as their soldier and/or home identity about what is happening to them on a daily basis, what battles they are involved in, etc. These blog posts will take the place of the journals. I'm excited to see how it goes...

I created an example to share with the kids at http://lincolnslions.blogspot.com/

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