Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tool #9: iPad Apps

App: 'History: Maps of the World'
This is an app I plan to download. Students are often taught history without the proper geographic context, which I believe leaves out an important component. I think having a geographic station to go along with other stations would make a lesson more complete. I can especially see using a station like this when learn about the trails west, Trail of Tears, etc.

App: BrainPOP
This is another great app for stations since the accountability piece is already built in. The students watch the given video and complete the interactive quiz. I've used BrainPOP to review presidents and events leading to a conflict.

App: Sock Puppets
This app sounds really fun. Students could create their own sock puppet videos about historic figures or events and then share them with their peers. I would also be fun to have the students write songs about events and then create sock puppet music videos.

Alternative stations using the iPad-
Using flashcards to review unit vocabulary
Watching a video and compelting a quiz created using Google Forms
Using the built-in camera and mic to share their thoughts on something and post to a forum where their classmates could view and comment. 

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