Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tool #8: The Hardware

Dell 2120: I am really excited about the web cam tool. The kids really love being able to create videos about a given topic and this makes the process much easier to integrate into the classroom because a separate device is not needed.

iPad: I think that podcasts are a great way to utilize the iPads in my classroom. I'd love to see the students creating and posting their own podcasts on a given topic. I'd also like to create my own podcasts that I can use in stations. I know the iPads will also be great for basic research as well.

Device Management:
1) I plan on having a strict sign-out/sign-in policy so that the students are accountable for the devices they use.
2) Rules for technology use will be placed in a very visible place in the classroom. I will go over the expectations for proper use before any devices are ever checked out to students. I also plan on sharing expectations with the parents so that they will be aware and there will be fewer issues if a student loses the privilege of using the technology.

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