Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tool #11: The wheels are turning...

Some of the tools that were part of this training were tools that I was already using the classroom, such as Google Docs. I find this to be an incredibly powerful tool for both teachers and students. I am looking forward to using Blogger in my upcoming Civil War unit. The tools that I plan on integrating into my classroom in the future are some of the available video applications, such as Animoto. I'd also like to set up an online forum using Ning or Edmodo so that I have a way to communicate with my students and parents in a safe, transparent way outside of the classroom.
This training has definitely gotten the wheels in my brain turning. I am seeing new ways that I can incorporate technology into the lessons I already have, as well as new ways I can present information to the kids. I think one of the most powerful aspects of the 21st century classroom is ability to go beyond the traditional classroom setting and collaborate with students around the world. As an American history teacher, my students often ask me how a particular event is taught in other countries and I often don't have a complete answer for them. I would love to open our classroom up to invite students from other places to discuss these things with the kids. It would be so much more profound coming from someone that is actually learning it that way than from me just telling them. The possibilities are truly endless and we create globally-minded young people in the process, which has positive ramifications that go well beyond school. I look forward to learning more and putting it in to practice in my classroom.

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  1. I was just reading in the book What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media about the importance of bias today, how it needs to be understood - the why and when of the information, say a blog post/tweet/wiki was written. Information is so readily available today - much different from when I was a student. I used to have to find a good library. Today? You are right - your students could be hearing a different perspective first-hand - how cool is that!