Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tool #9: Cool Tools cont...


Accountability regarding stations/centers that utilize the new technology is no different than holding students accountable for any work they do in the class. There needs to be an expectation set that there is a purpose to what we do in class and students will be responsible for responding to what they have learned.

Interactive Websites - Stations
This is a very cool website that examines the various conflicts in which the U.S. has been engaged. I can envision using it near the end of the year to get the kids reviewing the conflicts as well as facilitating discussions about reasons countries go to war, are those reasons just, issues surrounding dissent, etc. Each station could highlight a different conflict that we have studied and the kids would be expected to analyze them based on a series of criteria with the lesson culminating in a round table discussion on war.
The students often hear about the Lewis & Clark Expedition journals, but very rarely get the time to explore them. It would be fun to have a station where the kids could explore the journals themselves and create video diaries of that day on the expedition in their own words. The kids could then view each others video diaries to get an understanding of daily life on the expedition. A rubric could be created to grade the video diaries to ensure they are held accountable. 

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