Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tool #4: My Head In The Cloud

The cloud is amazing! Google Apps has really changed the way that students are able to turn in written assignments and collaborate. Just last week, the kids were divided into groups and given an event leading up to the Civil War. They had to research and write a newspaper article for our class version of Harper's Weekly. Each group shared the article with their group members and me. They were then able to have some members typing the article, others would edit what had already been typed and another could look for images to add to their article. When they were completed, I was able to compile them into a template and give each student a copy of our class newspaper. It worked really well.

Google Docs made my planning for our annual Historic Dinner Party much easier. I was able to create a spreadsheet of items that I needed students to bring in for our buffet. I made it available to all the parents who could then go online and put their name under what they were able to bring and the time they planned to volunteer. It made my life so much easier because I didn't have a ton of e-mails to respond to about what we still needed, etc. The spreadsheet made it very clear what items were still needed and when I needed volunteers. Loved it!

I am looking forward to using Google Forms to make assesment paperless. I can envision using forms for a quick check for understanding at the end of an assignment or as a final station after students have explored a topic.

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